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12 Hungry Pets Who Got Caught Red-Handed Sneaking Extra Snacks

When it comes to food, most of our pets know exactly where to line up when the dinner bell rings. Yet even with their regularly-scheduled meals, some of them can’t resist breaking into the food closet to help themselves to a snack whenever their human’s back is turned.

While they may think they’re being stealthy in the process, our furry criminals aren’t exactly smooth. Check out these 12 hilarious pets who flew a bit too close to the sun when they attempted to steal food.

1. “He tried to steal treats and his face got stuck.”

2. “Uhh, a little help?

3. “We left them alone for 5 MINUTES with a FULL feeder and this happens -_- (She is OK, just was very confused when we got her out).”

4. “My dog managed to get into a pack of frozen fish fillets, and he would’ve gotten away with it if he didn’t get stuck and had to come to me for help.”

5. The good news is her mission to infiltrate the food canister was successful. Now for the bad news….

6. Hedgie loves his oats!

7. “Got home from work to find lil’ Norman with his head stuck in the lid to the cat food.” 

8. The canine equivalent of getting your hand stuck in a Pringles can.

9. Cheesy popcorn is pretty good.

10. “After returning home this is how we caught my husky eating cat food…”

11. “My cat got his head stuck in the ice cream container. Tried to back up. Found that there was less table than he thought.”

12. “Sometimes your food dish gets stuck on your collar and you leave a trail of food around the house….”

You can tell by the look on their faces that they’re sorry! We’re just glad their humans grabbed a camera and captured these goofy pets in action. They’re all still good boys and girls to us. In fact, extra treats for everybody!

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