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Young Quartet Lines Up To Sing — But Boy In Vest Has Audience Dying Laughing.

The best kinds of surprise are the ones that make us laugh out loud!

During a Christmas pageant, the announcer told the crowd that they had a special treat in store. “A singing quartet’s bus broke down right outside on Newbury Street,” he told them. He asked if they’d like to have the quartet come in and perform, and of course they said yes.


Four well-dressed little boys stepped onto the stage, and as soon as they began their performance the audience burst into laughter. Instead of singing a gospel tune, as they’d been expecting, the boys decided to lip sync along to a barbershop quartet song sung by much more mature vocalists.


The quartet didn’t just sing along to the song, they really sold it! They made funny facial expressions and hand gestures, and you could tell they had rehearsed the routine and really appreciated the humor in what they were doing.

But the best part came when one of the singers took on the part of the baritone vocalist. Singing along with an impossibly deep voice, the young man made the audience roll with laughter when he showed them how low he could go!


Watch the hysterical video below, and make sure you wait for the big finish at the end for the full experience! And don’t forget to share to make someone else laugh today, too!

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