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Dad Whose Car Keeps Breaking Down Loses It When He See Son’s Birthday Gift.

Many of us fantasize about the day we’ll win the lottery, pay off all our debts, and, most importantly, spoil our parents as thanks for the hard work they’ve put in to give us a good life.

While Christian Guzman may not be a lucky lottery winner, he is doing pretty well for himself as a YouTube vlogger and fitness entrepreneur. So well, in fact, that he recently got to live out a lifelong dream.


In 2016, Christian uploaded a video, which begins with him explaining that his dad’s car has been breaking down on a regular basis. The 2005 Honda Element, with its broken speedometer and accumulation of over 300,000 miles, clearly wasn’t cutting it as a reliable source of transportation – which his dad definitely needed to work.

christian tears up

We then see Christian tearing up inside a car dealership, overcome with emotion. That’s because he’s there to buy his dad the best birthday present ever: a shiny new Cadillac SRX!


“I’ve always looked forward to the day where I’d be able to … treat my family and treat my loved ones, and it’s here,” Christian says, adding that one of his dad’s first and most beloved cars was a Cadillac.

When Christian pulls up to his parents’ house in the gorgeous vehicle, he says “happy birthday” to his dad, who’s waiting outside. The man is practically speechless as Christian gestures to the car, only managing to ask, “what?” several times. That’s when he hugs his son and breaks downs in tears.

christian surprises his dad

And if that’s not enough to tug at your heartstrings, here’s something that’s bound to do the trick: while checking out his brand new ride, Christian’s dad says, “Nobody’s ever bought me anything.”

dad in new car

Christian uploaded the heartwarming video to YouTube in 2016, where it’s since racked up over 12 million views. To date, it’s the most popular video on his channel, and it’s pretty obvious why.

christian hugs dad

The way Christian gets choked up at seeing his dad’s reaction is the sweetest thing ever. His parents are very lucky to have such a kind, generous son who appreciates them so much.

Strap in for the emotional father-son ride and hit play below. Don’t forget to share and spread the love.

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