Chrissy Teigen Overwhelmed With Praise After Sharing Rare Photo Of Stretch Marks.

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most successful models to come out of North America, she’s married to superstar singer John Legend, and she’s recently become a household name due to her realness and likability on social media. But as much as Chrissy Teigen may seem absolutely perfect… she wants you to know she’s still human.


Much like the model who posted a heartfelt message to women after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the plus-sized model who had the greatest reply to haters, Chrissy Teigen is very aware of the pressure our culture puts on women and girls to look perfect. She knows that every time she’s appeared on a magazine cover, she is being professionally photoshopped to appear “flawless.” But– at the end of the day– she knows that that isn’t reality.


Reality looks more like the photo below, of stretch marks running up and down her inner thigh. And what does Chrissy Teigen have to say in the face of that reality? “Whatevs.”

Since being posted to the celeb’s Twitter, the above photo has quickly gone viral. Women everyone are thanking Chrissy for proudly showing off something the world has labeled as shameful and ugly… for being real.

Other women added that stretch marks are rarely seen. In photos they’re edited away and in real life they’re hidden. One woman even added that she didn’t know what was happened to her when she first noticed her stretch marks as a young girl.

Chrissy followed up to her initial tweet, saying she didn’t post it for the praise. She jokingly refers to the empty glass of wine in the background of the photo as the reason behind her tweet!

Fans were quick to reply, saying that whether they have “the wine” to thank or not, they’re glad to see such a down-to-earth celebrity and to see “stretchies” in the spotlight.

What started as a simple tweet has turned into a beautiful outpouring of love and appreciation from fans who needed to hear her message more than she even realized.

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