Choir’s Tribute To The Late Nightbirde Brings Simon Cowell To Tears.

south african woman singing

Tears and standing ovations filled the “America’s Got Talent” stage as a South African choir, born from a harrowing past, delivered a soul-stirring tribute to Nightbirde. The AGT choir’s tribute to Nightbirde was so moving that it brought Simon Cowell to tears.

Twenty years ago, founders Yani and Marina’s lives changed forever due to a carjacking. This incident, however, sparked a transformative journey. They envisioned a choir not just to sing but to inspire and reshape young lives.

AGT choir performs tribute to the late Nightbirde

The choir’s performance was a harmonious blend of emotion and artistry, their voices melding into a symphony of hope and resilience. Each movement was a testament to their journey from tragedy to triumph.

Their performance was an homage to Nightbirde, whose real name was Jane Kristen Marczewski. Nightbirde received a golden buzzer for her original song on the 2021 season of “America’s Got Talent” while actively battling cancer. Unfortunately, her worsening condition required her to withdraw from the competition. Nightbirde passed away in 2022 at the age of 31.

The moving performance impacted everyone watching. Simon Cowell, known for his stoic demeanor, couldn’t hold back tears. All AGT judges rose in a unanimous standing ovation, moved by the choir’s poignant tribute to Nightbirde’s inspiring legacy.

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