Pianist Gets A Request While Playing At The Airport — Suddenly Hears Something He Didn’t Expect!

Side view of a man playing a piano at an airport. The man is looking up at something we can't see in the image. His eyes are wide with surprise. Text in the image reads: OMG

Some of my favorite movies include spontaneous musical numbers. Sure, these kinds of performances aren’t a reflection of our real lives, but they might not be quite as fictional as you think. Emilio is a pianist, and he’s known for playing in public spaces like airports. He shares clips of his performances on TikTok, and they’re absolutely breathtaking.


In one of them, a woman requests that he play “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. He’s happy to oblige and draws in a crowd with his delightful music. Then, from a distance, a man can be seen carrying a saxophone. As he descends down an escalator, he begins to play along with Emilio. The pianist is thrown off at first, but he quickly gets back on track.

A large group of people in an airport; some are sitting and some are standing. Many of them have their phones out and are recording something taking place outside of the image. Text on the image reads: Everyone was FILMING

While it’s certainly possible that this performance was at least a bit staged, the looks of pure joy and shock on the folks who gathered around for the free show are real, and their excitement is contagious!

Watch this piano player get unexpectedly joined by a saxophone player for this stunning rendition of “Dance Monkey” in the video below.

@emiliopiano I met a SAXOPHONIST at the AIRPORT ?! 😱😱 #piano #publicpiano #publicreaction #dancemonkey #saxophone ♬ original sound – Emilio Piano

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