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6-Yr-Old’s Dolly Parton Costume Has Us Adoring Her From “9 To 5.”

Stella dressed up as Dolly Parton

A little girl in Tennessee is rocking the perfect Dolly Parton look, and we are in love!

Six-year-old Stella Ruby is a big fan of the legendary country singer, songwriter, and actress. Her favorite song is “Jolene,” which she belts out any chance she gets. When her school announced a “book character day,” she plucked her favorite book – about Dolly, naturally – from her shelf and asked her mother to help her create the perfect Dolly-esque look.

Dana Troglen is a mother of two and professional photographer. She and Stella Ruby love to play dress up, and they often go a little “extra” on school costume days.

“We love dress up days,” Dana told GMA. “We like to have fun with them and just go the extra mile, fuel our creativity. We like to make our own stuff a lot.”

Dolly is known for her glamorous, rhinestone-studded look, so mother and daughter got right to work selecting a sparkly star dress from Stella Ruby’s wardrobe and pairing it with gold leggings, a big blonde wig, and a miniature guitar.

“I [chose] Dolly ’cause I like her very much and it’s a fun thing to do,” said Stella Ruby.

Who needs a “Coat of Many Colors” when you’ve got a cool shiny dress? Dana and her daughter were thrilled with the fruits of their labor, and as the child walked into school with her guitar in tow, Dana couldn’t help but giggle. She took a quick video of Stella Ruby set to the song “9 to 5” and shared it on TikTok.

“I love to make videos and so I just started recording her walking into school and threw some music on there and I could not control my laughter,” she explained, adding, “[It’s] just a normal mom thing to share.”


my 6yo dressed as @dollyparton walking into school this morning. can’t stop laughing #dolly #dollyparton #school #fyp

♬ 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

Millions of views later, Stella Ruby’s Dolly impersonation has officially gone viral! Dana says her whole goal was to “make some people laugh,” so mission accomplished! We love Dolly’s mini-me almost as much as the icon herself, don’t you?

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