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Fearless Chihuahua Tries To Fight Great Dane In Hysterical Video.

Nothing comes closer to a modern-day David and Goliath fight scene than this.

In the blue corner, we have the world’s smallest dog, Lilly, a 12-week-old Chihuahua whose tiny body contains a fierce warrior spirit. In the red corner, we have the world’s largest dog, Vago, a Great Dane who knows not to pick fights with girls, especially ones Lilly’s size. But even if he did, how could he possibly take her seriously?

lilly and vago

There they are, just hanging out at a dog park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when Vago stretches out a lazy paw, just as a way of acknowledging she’s there even though she’s so small he can barely bring her into focus. But Lilly’s all wound up and ready to go, and what was meant as a friendly gesture triggers her fight instinct.

She springs to her feet like a tightly wound coil and starts bouncing around her opponent, although you’ll notice she stays far from striking distance. The one time she does get close, all Vago has to do is toss his head and down Lilly goes:


But not for long. She struggles back to her feet and rears back on her hind legs to make herself look as big and intimidating as possible. Sweet Vago has the decency to turn his head so she doesn’t see him laughing at her…

lilly standing up

But she can only hold the position for a few seconds before toppling over. Ugh, in front of all these people, too. But just when it looks like she’s about to concede, she jumps back in the ring and gets in a few good swings before this happens:


It was all fun and games up to this point, but now Vago’s concerned and he jumps to his feet to make sure his opponent isn’t hurt. Nope, just her pride.

Watch this adorable play fight in the video below, and be sure to share to spread more laughs!

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