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When Two Chickens Start A Barnyard Brawl, This Peacekeeping Pup Steps In.

dog breaks up chicken fight

When you’re an animal who lives on a farm, you’ve always got to know who the sheriff is.

Animals have a way of establishing a hierarchy that doesn’t always involve humans. Whether it’s horses who all answer to the “alpha mare” or dogs who automatically follow the rules of the top dog, they somehow figure out who’s in charge… and who they shouldn’t mess with.

Except for chickens. Chickens really don’t care.


In a video that is going viral on the web, a camera captures a barnyard in Chaiyaphum, Thailand, where two chickens are engaging in an epic barnyard brawl. As the two brown birds square off and start to charge at each other, a peacekeeper emerges…

Step aside, foul fowl – Superdog is here!


The family farm dog doesn’t hesitate to intervene here, even though barnyard chicken fights have been known to get a little ugly! He simply grasps one bird by the tail feathers and starts to gently tug him away from the other guy.

It’s almost like he’s used to doing this, and maybe he is. Perhaps these chickens have bad blood that goes way back, so they’re always trying to get even. Who knows? Whatever the case, they are really ticked off.


“Hold me back, bro!” The bird seems to say as the dog tugs him away from the action. The fight ranges all over the messy barnyard, but the little dog is tenacious and refuses to give in. He clearly takes his job as sheriff very seriously!


Of course, chickens are not known for their smarts, so even though the dog tries his hardest to break things up, they just keep returning to the battle. I wonder what that one chicken “said” to the other one to make him so mad!

Watch the video below to check out this awesome dog’s peacekeeping skills, and don’t forget to share with a friend who understands how cool this canine really is!

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