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Military Dad Surprises Son During Epic Nerf Gun War After Yearlong Deployment.

Military families sacrifice so much for their country, especially when their service members are deployed.

All 7-year-old Chase wanted was for his dad to be home with him in New Jersey, but Joe was thousands of miles away in Iraq and Syria with the U.S. Army. Luckily, Chase has an awesome mom who knew exactly how to cheer him up!


One October morning, Danielle decided to have a little fun before Chase left for school with an epic Nerf gun war. With their makeshift forts set up across the room from each other, the two prepared themselves for some great mother-son bonding… or so Chase thought.

Little did he know, the person who began firing darts his way wasn’t Danielle.


Instead, his mom brought in a special reinforcement: his dad! Joe had just returned home from his year abroad and wanted to surprise his son in style.

nerf gun battle

In a sweet video, we see them spend a few minutes trading shots while Danielle occasionally cries out, dramatically pretending to be involved.

As the fight wraps up, Chase crosses between their forts to form a truce with his mom, only to find Joe on the other side! Chase freezes for a moment before dropping his darts and diving into his father’s arms.

father son reunion

It had been so long since Chase last saw his dad – let alone touched him – that he can’t contain his overwhelming rush of emotion. Of course, it doesn’t take long for his tears to be replaced by pure joy!

father son hug

What an amazing way to start the day! We’re so thankful this loving family was able to come together after spending so long apart.

Watch the emotional reunion between father and son in the video above, and share this story to spread the joy.

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