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Beagle Loses His Mind When He Sees Dad After 18 Months Apart.

charlie howling

For owners who really, really dig their dogs, being apart for even a few hours can seem like an entire lifetime! But if there’s any consolation to being separated, it’s this: You make your pup so happy when you finally come home.

Never has this been more evident than when Nick Tzekos returned home after a long trip last December. The dog dad had been gone for a year and a half and surely, his beagle Charlie had thought he might never return…

nick tzekos fb photo

You see, dogs don’t understand the passage of time or the fact that when you go to the grocery store, you will, in fact, come home soon. Soon? Try NEVER.

So when Nick left to travel the world for 18 months, Charlie probably assumed the worst. Then Dad showed up on the front step again.

Thankfully, someone was there to capture just how elated Charlie was when he saw Nick again.

The footage starts with the videographer walking outside. Little Charlie is already up on his hind legs, tail wagging like a metronome on steroids. He’s so excited that his howls most definitely notify everyone in a few blocks radius that something exciting is happening.

charlie howl


charlie beagle

Finally, Nick bends down to give the little guy what he’s craving. He lets Charlie get a good whiff of him, and up he goes into Dad’s arms! Now would be a great time to get in some slobbery kisses, but Charlie’s too caught up in all the excitement that he just continues howling…

charlie beagle

We’ve seen a lot of reunion/welcome-home dog videos, but this one is definitely at the top of our cuteness lists right now. Check out the adorable video down below, and share with all your dog-loving friends today!

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