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Toddler’s Hilarious Workout Perfectly Mimics Rocky Balboa’s Training Montage.

“Yo’ Adrian!” This is the cutest “Rocky” themed video you’ll ever see.

Even though Cleveland, Ohio dad Zack Magilavy’s son Charles was still in diapers back in 2016 that didn’t stop him from working on his fitness. In fact, Charles was so obsessed with getting buff that he went through a workout regimen that would even make action star Sylvester Stallone proud.


Dressed only in a shirt and bulging diaper, Charles was standing in the family room one day, watching the iconic training montage from the 1976 movie “Rocky” when Zack pulled out his camera and started recording.

Determined to get those rock-hard abs, Charles starts off with a few push-ups and then moves on to hitting the punching bag.


Fists in the air, Charles triumphantly mimics every move Rocky makes on screen.¬†Charles has definitely seen this part of the movie before — you can tell because he’s following Rocky’s movements to the letter, and every once in a while he actually starts the next move before Rocky himself does!

In the montage the action shifts quickly between Rocky punching the punching bag, jogging, jumping rope, and doing one-armed push-ups. And if you think little Charles is too small for one-armed push-ups, think again!


For over two minutes Charles exercises step by step alongside Rocky, completing the work out and then turning around to give his parents a big grin. You can tell he absolutely loves doing this workout routine, and hey, it doesn’t hurt that he also looks adorable while doing it.

After Zack shared the video online it went viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Within a day or two even Rocky, AKA Sylvester Stallone, had seen the clip and gave it a shout-out on Twitter.


You’ve gotta love a feisty little fighter like Charles! If we had to leave this sweet kid with one piece of advice we’d have to go to the “Rocky” archives. Remember, Charles, “It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Keep up the great work, kiddo! Watch Charles doing a perfect Rocky impression in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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