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2nd Spotless Giraffe Located At African Reserve Mere Weeks After The 1st Rare Birth.

giraffe silhouette

The only thing cuter than giraffes are baby giraffes. But this little creature is more than cute— he’s a wonder of nature!

If you recall, we covered the first incident of recent giraffe spotlessness a short month ago. On July 31, 2023, a giraffe was born in the Tennessee Zoo without any spots.

This made the animal the only known spotless giraffe on the face of the entire planet!

Coincidentally, another spotless giraffe has been spotted!

At a private game reserve in Namibia, this baby giraffe was seen strolling the land with their mother.

All other known spotless giraffes were born in a zoo, making this special mammal a one-of-a-kind creature.

But where are the spots on these giraffes? Are they still healthy?

Julian Fennessy of The Giraffe Conservation Foundation shared some insights.

“The lack of spots could be caused by genetic mutations or recessive genotype in one or more genes related to the pattern,” Julian said. “But without detailed genetic analysis, these are mere speculations.”

What an amazing find, even if we don’t yet have all the answers! The giraffe will stay safe at the reserve in the company of many other wildlife.

The featured image for this post is from Wikimedia Commons.

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