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Stranger Asks For Woman’s Garlic Knots & She Nearly Faints When She Sees Who It Is.

The internet loves a good Twitter story, because it has to be told through several posts. Each post leaves a tiny cliff hanger urging you to read on, as if it were a chapter in a book.

On October 10, Twitter user Chachi Chatters shared a story that had all the components of a good book – reflection, humor, sentiment … and a shocking twist.


Chachi’s story started out in New Haven, CT, where she was taking her best friend’s daughter out for a celebratory meal in honor of her graduation. As the meal wrapped up, the new Yale grad invited Chachi to join her and her friends at a concert.

Chachi says she tried to get out of it, using excuses like “I’m too old” and “I don’t want to have cardiac arrest halfway through.” The excuses were of no use, though, so she tagged along with the young girl and her friends – and she was so glad she did, saying:

I had the time of my life. We sang along to the most memorable songs (it’s always amazing when you know the lyrics better than the young ones)

After the show, she says she dropped off her friend’s daughter and decided to grab a bite to eat before heading home.


With all the commotion in the busy restaurant, Chachi wasn’t surprised when someone ended up sitting down next to her. As the stranger sat down, Chachi says she looked at the stranger a few times before realizing she wasn’t breathing. The kind stranger asked if she was okay before requesting one of the garlic knots off her plate.


Chachi was actively trying to play it cool, but she couldn’t believe a major star was sitting next to her, eating her garlic knots! Things took an even crazier turn when the kind celebrity invited Chaci to share her meal with her.


They talked about “growing up, kids, health issues, husbands, politics, weather, and pedicures.” In light of the friendly conversation, Chachi said she decided not to mention the stranger’s fame.

Even so, before she left, the sweet stranger asked someone in her entourage for a pen – and signed Chachi’s ticket from the concert she had attended earlier in the night.


“Love Dolly Parton,” she wrote.

That’s right. The stranger Chachi shared a meal with was none other than music legend Dolly Parton.


“Some days I wake up and still think it was just a dream,” wrote Chachi, “Then I walk to the wall and look at the framed ticket. And I still get goosebumps… She called me luvbud, I tell myself. And my day is made.”

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