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Ceramic Artists Crush Their Pottery On Purpose, Creating A Beautiful Message.

woman hugs pottery

These amazing artists are taking an unconventional approach to telling a story with their artwork. They are echoing the beauty of the human touch by hugging their art!

Watch as these creatives throw a beautiful pot on the wheel, only to embrace it fully. The result is beautiful pottery with the unique imprint of a hug.

Woman embraces pottery
This image is from TikTok.

It’s not easy to translate organic and human experiences into the ceramic medium. It’s an art form that can be very traditional, but these artists are pushing the boundaries of the tools they can use for sculpting.

They’re not limiting themselves to carving tools. They’re putting their whole selves into their work… literally!

These pots tell the story of the power of love and human embrace. There are few things in life more precious than a hug from a beloved friend or relative.

Thousands of people felt the power of these sculptures, taking to the comment section to share their experience with the video.

“‘To be loved is to be changed,'” commented one fan, feeling the full power of the work’s message.

“I’m gonna cry about this,” said another viewer, overcome with the story hidden in the pottery.

These artists are using their medium to make people feel something. Even something as simple as a hugged pot can have a big impact. Their work encourages me to think about the way I can pay more attention to the beauty of the things around me! Next time I get a hug, I’m going to squeeze a little bit tighter!

Check out the full clip below to feel the power of these incredible ceramics!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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