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Cats Have Stolen Food Since The Dawn Of Time. These 15 Images Prove It.

Cats trying to steal food from plates

Times may change, but cats do not.

Cat lovers know that living with our feline friends means never leaving your dinner plate or water glass unattended. They just can’t resist the urge to sneak a nibble of your food, and as Molly Hodgdon pointed out on her popular “Cats of Yore” Twitter page, it’s always been that way.

1. Molly started a thread of paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries that prove cats have always been food thieves.

2. The styles and artists may be different, but those stealthy bandits never change.

3. Many of the cats in these paintings at least have the courtesy to look like they’re trying to be stealthy.

4. But as Molly points out, a few of them look like they have zero regrets.

5. This cat looks like he got caught mid-nibble, but he’s still not jumping off the table.

6. This bashful guy is most likely waiting for the human to leave the room so he can pounce.

7. This one is looking straight at the artist, as if to ask, “what are you gonna do about it?”

8. Hey, if you’re going to leave a pile of fish out on the table, you’d better expect a cat to find it.

9. Something about his eyes tells us not to try to take that fish away, unless we want to get scratched. (Which we do not.)

10. Once Molly exhausted her historic portrait cache, her followers started adding their own, more modern versions of the same theme.

11. Lots of people agree – cats really haven’t changed through the ages.

12. They just seem to come pre-programmed with a sense of entitlement.

13. They literally have no shame.

14. They’ll eat the corn right off your cob.

15. And lick your cupcakes before you can say “Happy Birthday.”

Cats! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em! They may be a little bit greedy, but they make up for it in a number of adorable ways. We’ll allow it.

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