Cats Hate Water? These Swimming Felines Seem To Disagree.

cats swimming

All types of species on Earth face some stereotypes. Dogs love to play fetch, owls are wise, and kitties despise water. But these swimming cats are forging their own way, diving into the deep end and making a splash!

Check out these adorable and hilarious clips of cats swimming and enjoying the water.

1. This cat doesn’t just like to go swimming. They like to jump in!

While the cat seemed a bit nervous at first, they quickly got the confidence to jump in and swim over to the dock all by themself!

2. This swimming kitty is a total pro.

This little kitty is taking laps and loving it!

3. This cat loves the beach.

And rightfully so! Who said cats can’t enjoy the doggy paddle?

4. This daredevil cat loves more than just swimming.

He goes surfing, too! How cool is that?!

5. These kitties are learning to swim as a pair!

What’s better than going for a swim with a friend? These sweet kitties are learning the joys of the water beside their bestie. How cute!

What do you think… would your cat like to go for a dip?

The featured images for this post are from YouTube (here and here).

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