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Choir Boys Sing Complex Duet, But The Bizarre Lyrics Have Audience Cracking Up!

2 boys singing in robes

We’ve shared some amazing choir performances with you in the past. Remember the Irish choir made up of 57 girls who performed this uniquely choreographed number? How about this adult choir who perfectly mimicked the sound of a thunderstorm using only their hands? In the video below, a choir of young boys in Catalonia, Spain both wowed and amused their audience with another unusual performance.

In the video, two boys step out from the rest of the choir to sing a duet. They both have a serious countenance, but– when the first boy opens his mouth– the crowd erupts into laughter. There is only one lyric in their song… “Meow!”

The two singers are in the CATalonioa Boys’ Choir, and— based on their attire– it seems the choir is run out of a CATholic church (okay, I’ll stop).

As it turns out, these boys aren’t some pranksters changing the lyrics as a joke, they’re singing a real song, and “meow” really is the only lyric! The song is called “Duetto buffo di due gatti,” which translates to “humorous duet for two cats.”

The song was written in 1825 and draws inspiration from the 1816 opera Othello by Gioachino Rossini. Bizarre though it may be, the song is actually frequently performed among classical singers because of its great difficulty.

You’d never know what a challenging number it is from watching these boys… because they totally nail it! Not only is the performance hilarious, their voices and composure are both really impressive.

Check out the hilarious musical number below!

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