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Huge Choir Mimics Sound Of Thunderstorm Using Only Hands, When They Start To Sing Its Even More Stunning!

In 1982, the American rock band Toto released their hit song ‘Africa.’ In a short time, the anthem reached no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 3 in the UK that same month. It has been covered by rockers and choirs time and again, but this unique performance– by a large, adult choir– totally blew me away.

The Angel City Choir has rock’n’roll in their blood. Their incredible rendition of ‘Africa’ starts with the soft sound of hands rubbing together, then crescendos into a full-blown thunderstorm of sound. From the soft pitter-patter of light rain to the sound of a monsoon. I’ve never heard anything like it! The lights are in sync with their incredible storm sound effects as lighting flashes across the stage.

The choir’s intro antics are incredibly entertaining… who doesn’t love a rainstorm? But when they started to sing I was totally blown away. I’ve never heard this song quite like this before. The song is meant to really tell a story– and evoke a sense of awe and wonder– and this choir’s beautiful rendition certainly did just that.

Check out the unique and mesmerizing video below!

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