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Dad Spends A Day Showing His Baby Things She’s Never Seen & It’s Hilariously Adorable

baby first

A first-time dad made millions laugh and smile with a simple and sweet video of his baby seeing things for the first time.

Stephen Spaulding and his wife Jess welcomed a little girl, Charlotte, into the world earlier this year. Over the months, Jess has been chronicling their adventures in parenthood on her personal Instagram page. And one of her posts has been shared all over the platform for being hilarious, wholesome, and precious.

The viral post is a video compilation of Stephen spending a day showing Charlotte things “she’d never seen before.” However, he wasn’t showing her awe-inspiring sights like the ocean, mountains, or sunsets. No, Stephen gave her glimpses of everyday, mundane things that you and I never really notice or appreciate.

Stephen videoed himself carrying his baby around the house where he showed her the inside of the oven, her bottle cabinet, and then the fridge. Then he gave her a peak at what was on the other side of their fence, what was under the bed, and more.

People Demanded That The Dad And Baby Make A Sequel

With each first look, Charlotte was utterly amazed. Her eyes widened and she studied the view. Stephen never grew tired of the reactions, and neither did the watchers.

“Girl was flabbergasted 😂,” wrote a tickled commenter.

“She was hoodwinked, borderline bamboozled,” another commenter joked.

“You found your best friend didn’t you?” an endeared watcher asked the dad.

After going viral, Charlotte had earned some fans and they asked for a follow-up to the video. Stephen, of course, gladly obliged. The views in the sequel were just as ordinary as the original, and Charlotte was just as impressed.

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