Cat Wearing Camera Shows Us What It’s Like To Walk A Day In His Mittens.

cat walking on trampoline

From climbing on a trampoline to meeting a friend, this cat wearing a camera takes us through a day in his life as a four-legged fluffball!


This kitty, Mr. Kitters, had a full agenda. Thankfully, because of the camera strapped on his collar, we got to enjoy the view!

This image is from TikTok.

He starts his day with a stroll along a toy, followed by a few different friend meet-ups. The clip also featured audio, so you can hear his chatter as he goes about his daily routine.

It’s literally about as cute as could be.

Mr. Kitters has a massive TikTok following, and over 11 million viewers have liked this clip of his day-to-day adventures.

“I wanna be this cat,” commented one viewer, hoping for a life as simple as Mr. Kitters’.

“The squirrel and cat chattering at each other made me laugh,” commented another fan, observing the stand-off between species.

Check out the adorable clip of this cat wearing a camera below. Sometimes, you just have to see things from a new perspective!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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