Team Of Ten Have To Rescue Giant Horse After He Takes A Poorly-Placed Nap.

A rescue team helps a horse to stand up.

Sometimes, it’s just not that easy to get out of bed in the morning. This was true for former carriage horse, Harlem, when he accidentally fell asleep with his back pressed against the wall of his stall. Because of this position, he was unable to stand up the next day! Thankfully, the team at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue were able to sedate the animal and gently drag him outside. If you’ve never seen a giant horse rescue, brace yourself for a team of people working together!

“Harlem is being treated for EPM, a neurological disease that can cause hind end weakness,” Gentle Giants wrote in a TikTok video of the incident.

A rescue team helps a giant horse to stand up.
Screengrab from GentleGiantsDraftHorseRescue/TikTok

Although it took a little extra time and effort, the rescue crew finally got the giant horse standing again! After his rough morning, Harlem was moved to a pasture where he could graze alongside his best friend, another horse named Phantom.

After a short period of recuperation, Harlem was right back to normal and acting like nothing had happened! Thankfully for this giant horse, he has a team of rescuers at the ready should he get himself into another sticky situation.

Watch the video below to see Harlem’s rescue!


We had an eventful morning here at GG! Our Resident Ambassador and former NYC Carriage horse, Harlem, found himself in a tricky spot in his stall. Thankfully, our TLAR team did what they do best and jumped into action, helping Harlem out and onto his feet! #rescuelife #technicalrescue #drafthorses #hugehorse

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