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Abandoned Puppy Trapped In Dangerous Ditch, Then Fearless Cat Leaps After Him.

At InspireMore, we’ve seen incredible animal rescue missions. Who could forget the unforgettable time a man rescued a whale off the Sea of Cortez or the dozens of dogs we’ve seen all but come back from the dead. Humans have done wonderful things for animals, but this is the first time we’ve seen an animal save another from a dire situation.

The lone tabby cat was making her rounds in the neighborhood when panicked yelps brought her to the edge of a steep ravine. Mere feet from the edge of the deadly ridge was a tiny puppy trying to claw his way to the surface. The little pup, no more than a few weeks old, strove with all his might… but simply was not strong enough to win his own freedom.

Clearly concerned, the tabby cat paced her way along the edge of the ditch looking for some way to reach the helpless pup. She reached down with one, then two paws, to try and give the pup some traction on the loose gravel, but it was just not enough. In that moment, the puppy lost his footing and tumbled his way down the embankment to the very bottom of the pit.

Without hesitation, the black and white tabby lept down into the ditch, determined to free the little one.

And so, just like she would with one of her kittens, the cat grabbed the pup by the nape of his neck and began to carry him out of the trap. The moment of amazing animal empathy is incredible to see. We are so glad that the little pup was saved!

Check it out in the video below!

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