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Cat Saved Seconds Before Being Crushed Inside Junkyard Car

An employee cradles a rescued cat.

This cat was moments away from being crushed at a junkyard when she was thankfully rescued by an employee! Apparently, the kitty had wandered from home and taken refuge under the hood of a vehicle destined for the crusher. The employee only discovered her because he had to remove the car battery first. When he opened the hood to do so, the surprised man suddenly found a cat in his arms! She was incredibly friendly, even snuggling up in his jacket while he finished up at work.

It was lucky that this employee had a girlfriend who worked at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. As the organization reported on Instagram, they were able to get the lost kitty, whose name turned out to be Lilly, back to her owner. The cat dad was overwhelmed with gratitude to find out that his pet had been rescued from the junkyard!

This cat’s owner was so thankful Lilly was rescued before she got hurt.

A man in the woods happily holds his rescued cat.

“When Lilly reunited with her dad, the relief and happiness was so clear on both of their faces,” wrote Brother Wolf in their caption. “She melted into his arms as his eyes filled with tears of joy.”

As it turns out, getting rescued from a junkyard isn’t necessarily an out-of-character experience for this cat. Her owner told Brother Wolf that Lilly is a little daredevil!

“We learned from him that, despite her small size, Lilly had an adventurous spirit like no other,” the organization continued in their Instagram post. “In fact, her favorite activity is going for a ride with her dad, whether that be in his car or his motorcycle — she even has her own helmet!”

Hopefully, this rescued cat has learned her lesson about getting too curious around junkyard cars! We’re so glad that she’s back with her owner, safe and sound.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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