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Cat Creates Purrfectly Unique Works Of Pottery With Her Owner.

A cat using their paws to shape clay on a pottery wheel.

Have you ever seen a cat make pottery? Well, you’re about to! A TikToker named Sophie is training her pet, Momo, in the fine art of transforming clay into vases, dishes, and more. This talented kitty uses their paws to put the finishing touches on their owner’s work. Sophie shares her adorable pet’s work on social media.

After creating a basic shape, Momo’s owner lifts them up over the pottery wheel so they can reach the spinning clay. From there, the kitty paws at the art piece, giving it a unique wobble. You can even see the cats clawmarks in some of their pottery!

According to one TikTok post, some of the feline’s work may be available for purchase soon. Commenters are excited to get their hands on some of Momo’s one-of-a-kind pottery.

“Now that’s a mug that’s actually worth $125,” one user said.

“All my money,” wrote another. “Take all my money.”

A cat using their paws to shape clay on a pottery wheel.
Screengrab from TikTok

One commenter noted that this cat might actually be more interested in bonding with their owner than in the act of making pottery itself.

“Fun fact: cats really like imitating you so it was probably ecstatic you were letting him mess with the pot,” they wrote.


a sweet catchall designed by momo #cat #pottery

♬ escape – Kilgore Doubtfire

Honestly, we could watch this cat make pottery all day. The way this artistic kitty gently shapes the clay with their paws is too sweet! We hope that Momo’s pottery will be in stores soon.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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