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Dog Mom Gets Greeted Every Day By Adorably Silly Faces Poking Out Of Fence.

Two dogs greet their mom every day through these custom dog fence peepholes.

When you have dogs, having a fence is usually a requirement if you live in a house versus an apartment. Many people with reactive (barking) dogs opt for a privacy-style fence so their pets can’t see (and bark at) people. That is the case with peekaboo puppies Billie and Seymour. The pair live in Melbourne, Australia, with their Dog Mom (Erin) and Dog Dad (Dean) and a house full of cats and foster kittens. When Erin returns from work every day, she hears her pups before she sees them. But her first sight of them is nothing but eyeballs and dog snouts.

The two dogs also have a friend living in a neighboring home. Dean is pretty handy and created a dog door in the fence between the yards so the three can play together daily. You can see the whole story in the video from The Dodo. The family also has an Instagram channel where they share more exploits.

What began as one large knot hole and an idea has become a daily ritual that brightens Erin’s day. When she returns home from work, the two pups always greet her at their custom peepholes in the dog fence. Some neighborhoods have peeping Toms, but this one has peeping Billes and Seymours!

The pet-friendly family has several cats and foster kittens. Rumble is the master of the interior spaces.

Rumble the cat is king of interior spaces.
Image from Instagram.

Billie (left) and Seymour (right) eagerly await their treat for posing so nicely.

Billie and Seymour without their dog fence "mask."
Image from Instagram.

Erin and Dean also have a child, Wynnie. When the baby is restless and won’t settle, the cats form a cuddle puddle to offer comfort. Bronn is the ginger tabby, Phil is the floofy tuxedo, and Rumble. The baby is Wynnie, just in case that wasn’t evident.

cats and baby
Image from Instagram.

If you can’t get enough of these peekaboo pups and the rest of the family, follow them on Instagram. Between the dog fence antics and a houseful of cats and kittens, there is always joy to share.

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