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Cat Café? Nope! Bunnies Hop Around This Shop While Visitors Create Watercolor Art.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of a bunny sitting near a table. One ear is pointed down while the other is pointed straight up. Text on the screen is pretending to be what the bunny is saying: Draw me furrst! The second photo shows a view from behind of a bunny resting their front legs on the table in front of them, standing with their back legs, as they look at the table full of watercolors and paintings. A person sits next to them and pets them.

Cat cafés have become increasingly popular over the years — because how great does it sound to be able to pet lots of cats while enjoying a nice beverage? If you’ve ever found yourself wishing this type of establishment would branch out to house animals besides cats, you’re in luck. In Vancouver, BC there’s a lovely place called The Bunny Café. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and vegan snacks, all while admiring the cutest little bunnies you’ve ever seen.

Stopping by this café on any given day sounds like an absolute delight, but this is all the more true when they have special events. One such event is called “Watercolour Painting with Bunnies.” Folks are encouraged to make their muse bunnies and, with plenty of inspiration all around them, the hour-and-a-half workshop undoubtedly flies by — plus, it ends with feeding the bunnies a veggie cup!

Best of all, each of the bunnies at these workshops are available for adoption! That means that with each event they hold, a new little bun gets the chance to hop on over to their new home. And how could anyone not be tempted to adopt one? These little guys are absolutely ear-restistable!

Watch highlights of one of these adorable bunny workshops in the video below.

@bunnycafevancouver Come for the watercolour workshop, stay to hang out with our adoptable bunnies! Every 1.5 hour class ends with feeding the buns a veggie cup! #thebunnycafe #rabbits #bunnies #watercolourpainting ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Gina Luciani

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