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From Good Boy To Spoiled Rotten: Rescue Dog Goes Ham At Grandpawrents’ House.

This dog gets spoiled regularly by his grandparents.

As most grandkids know, it’s way easier to get away with something at Grandma or Grandpa’s house than it is at home. Apparently, this also applies to dogs! A rescue named Myko is going viral online for his vivacious personality and his adorable sleepovers at his grandparents’ house. According to The Dodo, the pooch stays with the elderly couple several times a week.

“It’s like his second home, but we call it his ‘vacation home,'” said Myko’s owner. “They love having him, and he loves them so much.”


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Myko gets extra special treatment whenever he’s at his “vacation home.” That’s not to say his parents don’t spoil him, but Grandma and Grandpa tend to take it to the next level. Some of the things that Myko has gotten used to at their house are standing on tables, sharing the bed with Grandma while Grandpa sleep in another room, and getting leftover “eggies” and “crusties” at breakfast. Oh, and unlimited cuddles!

Before he moved in with his new family, Myko didn’t have an easy life. He was adopted as a puppy from a shelter with a high killing rate. Now, his parents and grandparents are making it up to him with all the love and attention in the world!

“Our whole life basically revolves around making sure he’s happy,” said his mom. “We fenced in our backyard so that he could run freely and have his doggy friends over to play. We regularly buy him steaks for dinner, and every night his dad makes him a fresh dinner of vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat. We go on lots of adventures and are constantly looking for new and fun activities to do with him.”


I am SOBBING- did you see how she’s looking at him?! 😭 #dogsoftiktok #cutedog #corememory #mom

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She added, “We’ve hired an in-home vet so that he’s not overly stressed going into an office. If his grandparents aren’t around to watch him when we’re away, we hire pet sitters to stay in our home with him.”

Watch the video here to see Myko claiming his favorite spot at his grandparents’ table!

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