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7-Yr-Old Besties Have Sweetest Reunion After Spending Months Apart.

Best buddies Carson and Cade were born just 11 days apart. Their families first met in church when the boys were 2 years old, and they instantly hit it off! The pair became inseparable – right up until Carson moved across the country to South Carolina.

The boys were devastated, but moms Sarah Bates and Shelley Kirk had a trick up their sleeves! After seven months, Carson’s family took a trip to visit some relatives… who just so happened to live near the Kirk’s new home. Both moms kept the surprise reunion quiet because they knew the boys wouldn’t sleep for days if they knew what was coming. When they realized what was going on, their reactions were sweet enough to warm anyone’s heart!

Watch the emotional reunion in the video below, and be sure to share this story with a friend of your own.

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