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15 Times This Vet Clinic Sign Said What Every Pet Parent Was Thinking

carrol county veterinary clinic sign that reads "my dog will eat anything until you put a pill in it then hes gordon ramsey"

Veterinary clinics are essential, and we’re so glad they’re around to help our sweet fur babies stay happy and healthy! But let’s be honest… both pets and parents alike tend to dread visiting them.

That’s why, since 2005, Carroll County Vet Clinic in Georgia has gone viral for the witty messages they create for their outdoor sign! They never intended to keep it up forever, but people from all across the country have grown to love them. We’ve gathered some of our favorites from their Instagram page for you to enjoy below.

1. Dogs are the best judge of character, after all.

2. There aren’t enough lint rollers in the world.

3. And that was the end of that conversation.

4. It’s impressive, really.

5. All cats are good cats. End of discussion.

6. There’s nothing like a good pun.

7. Someone’s asking the real questions.

8. There’s a reason they’re called “man’s best friend.”

9. Did we mention we love puns?

10. Sure, diamonds are sparkly, but can they cuddle you while you watch a movie?

11. When 90% of your day is spent napping, sleeping through anything is second nature.

12. Truer words have never been spoken.

13. Dogs really are the best.

14. Getting up when there’s an adorable cat resting on you is nothing short of a crime.

15. We wouldn’t be OK either.

What a clever way to make the people who visit them smile! The clinic finds inspiration for their signs through suggestions from clients and by scouring social media, so there’s no doubt they’ll have plenty of content to keep it up!

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