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Golden Retriever BFFs Can’t Get Enough Of Their Movie Nights And Sleepovers.

It’s important to maintain our friendships, especially in these strange times.

These two golden retrievers couldn’t agree more! Best friends Captain and Kevin won’t let anything stand in the way of their weekly playdates, not even the novel coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the two of them have become closer than ever!

Almost every week, Captain’s mom Jane pulls up to Kevin’s home in Tampa, Florida, for a visit. Kevin always hears the car coming from a mile away, so he rushes out the door to see his best friend. From there, the two buddies tear off into the backyard to wrestle and run around like the puppies they are at heart.

Since they first met, these adorable goldens have absolutely loved spending time together. They know each other’s names and perk up anytime they hear them. It’s gotten so bad that Jane and her family members have to be a little sneaky to get by!

“We can’t say ‘Kevin’ in the house now. We have to spell it,” she explained. “He can be in a dead sleep, and he will wake up and run to the door.”

As for Kevin, his mom Elysse said he and Captain are “best buddies.” Neither of them tries to be in charge, so they play nicely together and never fight over toys. In fact, they love sharing everything, right down to their water dish!

Recently, Kevin hosted Captain for their first sleepover, and the pictures and videos their humans captured of the big night have everyone swooning! They started off with a good wrestling match (of course), before they changed into their pajamas and enjoyed a dinner for two. Then, they settled in for their favorite movie, “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” with a big bucket of popcorn.

Elysse joked that there wasn’t much actual sleeping because they couldn’t stop playing together! Who needs sleep anyway? Whenever Captain and Kevin get tired, they just gaze at one another adoringly!

“They take a little break, and they just sit and stare at each other,” Elysse added. “Like they’re in love.”

These two are the cutest best friends we’ve ever seen! The way they gaze at each other is what true love really looks like. We should all have such a wonderful BFF!

Watch Captain and Kevin enjoying their sleepover in the video below, and don’t forget to share their sweet relationship with others.

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