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Dog Carries Cat Brother On His Back For The Most Adorable Family Hikes.

When Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky moved from Massachusetts to Colorado, they developed a deep love for the great outdoors. Over time, they decided they wanted to add a furry family member to join them on their adventures.

So they took in a pup named Henry, who immediately brought more joy to their lives! But they soon found that when they weren’t able to be home with him, he suffered from serious separation anxiety. They began looking for the perfect sibling, which led them to adopt Baloo the cat a few years later. These days, the unlikely pair is inseparable!

According to Cynthia, Henry and Baloo warmed up to each other quickly. In fact, she said Baloo acts like he’s a dog himself.

“If he sees a dog out on a walk, he’ll run up to it, but if he sees a cat he will pretend it isn’t there and ignore it,” she told BBC. “Like, do you not understand what you are? It’s quite funny.”

Of course, since he’s not actually a dog, Baloo runs out of steam on their frequent family hikes a little faster than his big brother.

Luckily, Henry doesn’t let that get in the way of their fun! He simply has Baloo jump on his back and ride along for the rest of the trip.

It should come as a shock to… no one that Henry and Baloo have captured Cynthia and Andre’s hearts, as well as the hearts of thousands of people all around the world!

The best friends are a hit on social media, where no one can get enough of their sweet relationship or the videos of them trotting along together on hikes.

These two were clearly meant to be! Thanks to Baloo, Henry always has someone to keep him company so he doesn’t get lonely. As for the friendly kitty, he has a loyal BFF to keep him going no matter what!

Watch the furry siblings interact in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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