Photographer Captures Beautiful Way This Man Helps His Dog Live Life To The Fullest.

Keeping your eyes open for the perfect shot is the calling card of a good wildlife photographer.

One bright, clear spring day, photographer Cameron McClure of San Francisco, California, was hunkered down in the reeds of a nearby river. She was hoping to capture some gorgeous images of animals when she spotted a man gently carrying his dog to the water’s edge.

“The old dog seemed soothed and contented to be in the water and moved around using her front legs,” Cameron said. “When she got into deeper water, the man lovingly scooped her into his arms again and brought her back to shallow waters and there they stood together in companionable quietude.”

Intrigued, Cameron approached the man, whose name is Tony, to ask him about the pup. It turns out that Maya the dog is 13 years old. She has been Tony’s constant companion since he inherited her from his son, a U.S. Marine, 11 years ago.

About five years ago, Maya lost the use of her hind legs in an accident. From that day forward, Tony became especially determined to help her live a full life in every way possible.

“He likes to take her to the river where the water makes her light enough to move around easily on her own,” Cameron explained.

“As Tony and I visited, Maya made her way over to me for greetings and quiet caresses,” she continued. “I gave Tony my number in case he would like to have photos of a candid moment between him and his Maya.”

Later, Cameron sent Tony the pictures she’d taken of him easing Maya gently into the river, and he replied with “a very kind note.” The entire experience made Cameron grateful for small moments like these, which show the world the true meaning of love and companionship.

“Out of the river and back into the fray of everyday life I went, strengthened by the Grace I had witnessed,” Cameron said.

Thank you, Cameron, for sharing these lovely photos with everyone. We’re so happy to know that Tony and Maya could be out there right now, enjoying sun, water, and friendship on another lovely day.

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