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Calling All 90s Kids! These 15 Memes Will Give You An Instant Dose Of Nostalgia.

memes about the 1990s

It’s hard to believe that the 1990s were over 20 years ago!

Those of us who grew up or lived through this decade remember life before the internet, a period of time that seems incredibly foreign to us now. Back in those days, we favored a very particular aesthetic (spaghetti strap dresses worn over a t-shirt, anyone?), and we somehow found ways to amuse ourselves before memes were even a thing. Thankfully, plenty of people recall those simpler times, and we’ve got the memes to prove it.

1. Remember how exciting it was to get your first discman? Then, the crushing disappointment when you discovered discmen skipped if you so much as looked at them funny?

2. Computer programmers really made you search for those free games.

3. An actual paper booklet that came in the mail weekly? That’s just crazy talk.

4. Ah, 90s cell phones, when everything cost extra and you had to hit every letter key 1-3 times to send a simple text.

5. Raise your hand if you were a “latchkey” kid too!

6. Best days of the school year, hands down!

7. “UUEEGGHH??” (That’s our attempt to spell the sound Tim Allen made in the opening credits of “Home Improvement.” Don’t judge us.)

8. No magazine was safe from our pen.

9. Pretty sure we still have one of these up in the attic somewhere.

10. Who needs texting, Snapchat, or Discord when you can use your very own eyeballs?

11. Well, well, well, what have we here?

12. Easily our favorite restaurant back in the day! That distinctive aroma when you walked into the dining room was *chef’s kiss* perfection.

13. Back in the day, we had to take a “keyboarding” class to learn what today’s kids seem to come out of the womb knowing.

14. These days we scroll through Netflix, but back then we had to put on actual pants and go to an actual store. The horror!

15. It was always a good day when one of these bad boys rolled into the classroom!

Wow, what a flashback! Makes us want to straighten our hair and throw some Nirvana on the old CD player!

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