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Bus Driver Watches Siblings Approach Disabled Classmate, Writes Parents Viral Letter Praising Heartwarming Interaction.

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We’ve shared some amazing stories with you about outstanding bus drivers. Like the Milwaukee bus driver who spotted two lost children on the street and helped reunite them with their family, or the driver who saved 20 elementary schoolers from a burning school bus and was later surprised on Ellen.

Cindy Clausen, the bus driver in this story, didn’t save any lives and she likely won’t be recognized on Ellen, but she is giving encouragement to many after writing a simple, but powerful letter to the parents of two kids on her bus.

Cindy witnessed two siblings– Annaliese and Jorge– caring for a classmate named Jackson. Their compassion for Jackson moved Cindy, and she wanted to make sure Mom and Dad knew about their children’s kindness.


It’s no surprised many parents were touched by this story, and they expressed their feelings in the comments:

“I love everything about this, that the children are kind and polite, and have parents who have taught them well, and that another human being saw their kindness and took the time to acknowledge it, this must have been a beautiful moment for the parents to read this note!”  wrote one mom.

Another added, “Parenting goals right here. I don’t need my son to be the smartest in his class, but I’d sure love it if he was one of the kindest.”

I especially love what the driver said at the beginning: “This can only come from the home, your patience and guidance, and the examples that you set and teach.”

What an important reminder of our responsibility to future generations!

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