Bully Chases Kid To Family Friend’s House… Then Instantly Regrets It

two images: one of a bully chasing a kid into a house, and the other of the homeowner confronting the bully

A ring video showing a bully chasing a kid onto the wrong front porch is getting some attention thanks to a brave homeowner who saved the day.

The video made an appearance on Imgur. It shows a terrified kid running from the bully as fast as they could through a neighborhood in Houston, TX. According to the caption, the bully intended to rob the victim. And had the kid run onto a different porch, the person might have successfully committed the crime.

Kid running from bully chase

Fortunately, the boy triggered a doorbell camera while trying to escape, which alerted homeowner Clayton Batchelor, a friend of the victim’s father. He went outside to protect the kid.

You can watch the entire situation unfold below.

Warning: The language in this NSFW.

kid chased by a bully runs to a family friend’s house

As the bully was mid-chase, Clayton burst through his front door and began shouting at them. He aggressively told the assailant to get off his property. A friend followed for backup, and Clayton made it clear that he was willing to stand his ground.

The bully was so caught off-guard that he was speechless. He backed away slowly and eventually left altogether. Clayton said he was able to talk to the victim and make sure he was okay.

“I was shocked at what took place,” Clayton said. “I didn’t really know what was going on; I just felt like I needed to protect the kid in trouble.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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