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“Bully” Baby Has Hilariously Adorable Reaction To Woman Missing Her Golf Swing.

baby laughing on golf course

Learning a new skill can be difficult, and golfing is no different. This woman is trying to improve her swing, but her greatest critic is just a few paces behind her… in a baby carrier. This golf baby is more than a bit critical — and more than a bit cute, too!

In this clip, you can see this woman practicing her swing when she totally misses the ball. Instead of offering silent encouragement, this golf baby chose violence, instead offering up a bit of critique in the form of judgmental laughter.

This video is hilarious. The baby seemed to know that she didn’t do what she was supposed to. Her chuckle is infectious — what a funny moment!

“It’ll be your own kind,” captioned the poster of this viral clip.

While this baby can’t hit a golf ball either, she can offer a bit of insight in the form of giggles.

Sorry, Mom!

woman lining up to take golf swing
This image is from Instagram.

Fans of this golf baby loved her playful giggle.

“That’s my girl,” commented one viewer, presumably the man taking the clip.

What a funny way to start your golf practice for the day! Your baby might be a tough golf critic but… at least your swing is going to get better!

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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