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Michael Bublé Invites Fan On Stage But Her Voice Leaves Him Floored.

chelsea sing buble

Every kid with some musical inclination has dreamed of performing on stage to a massive crowd of people, but whether it’s stage fright or a stronger passion for something else, sadly, many don’t ever get the chance.

Back in 2013, Michael Bublé was performing at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, when he decided to go down into the audience and find a special someone to share his spotlight. What he definitely wasn’t expecting was to find such a phenomenal singer to help him out.


Michael hones in on Chelsea and when he introduces her to the stadium, she looks equal parts shocked and excited, covering her mouth and laughing.

The musician then asks Chelsea which song she’d like to sing and she responds with “Feeling Good,”one of Michael’s most popular songs.


He starts it off by singing, “Birds flying high, you know how I feel…”before handing the mic over to Chelsea and letting her take it away.

What comes out of her mouth is mind-blowing. The girl’s range and tone are so absolutely perfect you’d think she was a bonafide pop star.

As she continues with the song, Michael himself takes a seat while expressing a look of shock, genuinely in awe of Chelsea’s talent.


After a few lines, he jumps back into the song and the pair wrap up the first few verses together, which we imagine was a dream come true for the young woman.


We won’t be surprised if we see Chelsea on a stage of her own one day. Share to spread this woman’s talent!

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