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Mom Catches Siblings Singing Gorgeous “Country Roads” Cover While Cleaning Bathroom.

Most kids don’t like having to complete mundane chores. Brooke Jones and Branson Waite, on the other hand, see cleaning as a musical opportunity.

The pair of siblings from Idaho are as adorable together as they are talented. Just ask their mom, Amber Kathleen Tullis Waite.


Branson (pictured above) and Brooke (pictured below) come from a musical family. They’ve been singing together and with their other siblings since they were little. As such, Amber has enjoyed countless impromptu concerts – and still does!


Last year, the proud mom shared a video featuring one of the duo’s performances… atop a bathroom sink. Amber professionally cleans new homes and brought the two along to help one day.

“I asked the kids to clean the bathroom,” Amber wrote, adding that 10 minutes later, she found them singing a John Denver hit. Branson strummed away at the guitar he carries everywhere while Brooke cleaned the mirror, her angelic voice complimenting her brother’s. Neither saw their mom watching as she recorded. They were clearly in their own world together as they sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

brooke and branson john denver cover

Thousands gushed over their gorgeous harmonies. One thing was for certain – they did the classic justice.

“It’s a family thing. We play music everywhere we are,” Branson explained in the comments. “Singing every chance we get. We love it. Music has been in our family for generations.”

We just have one question: where can we get a CD? But seriously, if they ever decide to hold a real concert, we’ll be the first to buy tickets! What a beautiful bond these two share – not to mention incredible voices!

Prepare for goosebumps as you listen to the siblings below, and share their music! You can hear more of Branson here and Brooke here.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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