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Family Has Hilarious Melt Down When “Worst Cat Ever” Brings Live Rat Into House.

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that they are great hunters who like to bring their humans “presents” once in a while.

These presents are usually in the form of dead things, like mangled birds or mice left in a heap on your doorstep. Hey, what can we say? Cats are terrible gift-givers. They look at us and say, “Man, my human is a terrible hunter. I’m going to do her a solid and bring home some dinner tonight. I’ll bring her my favorite part — the guts!”

Wikimedia Commons

But anyone who has ever had a rodent problem can also tell you that nothing works better at getting rid of pests than a good old housecat! Writer Jessica Wilzig, however, found out the hard way that not all cats are created equal.

Jessica isn’t a big fan of felines, but she does have a couple of cats, mostly because they eat mice.


“The only reason we even have cats is that back in 2011 we really did have a rat and mouse problem and I grabbed Sparky from the pound and she went on a murderous rampage,” Jessica explained on her blog. “She eliminated all the rats and a couple of lizards too.”

Well, in the video below, Sparky must have had the day off… and Jessica’s other cat, Broccoli, was on duty.

Broccoli is, shall we say, not so great at his job.

Jessica was just hanging out at home when suddenly Broccoli comes waltzing in with a gigantic rat in his mouth. The worst part? It was still alive. Naturally, Jessica had to grab her camera and start filming immediately.

“I’m going to set my house on fire,” Jessica wrote on Facebook when she uploaded her hysterical video. Broccoli seems completely unfazed as he wanders through the living room with the limp creature in his mouth.  Then, before she can stop him, the silly cat runs upstairs with his prize, presumably to show it off to Jessica’s daughter, Lily.


Next thing you know, the rat disappears into a linen closet. Of course, this is when the mighty hunter (ha ha) kind of loses interest. Broccoli lies down, totally relaxed — like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Meanwhile, his family is freaking out!


“He’s the worst cat ever!” Jessica exclaims. Sorry, Broccoli, we kind of have to agree.

Check out the hysterical Broccoli vs. rat showdown below, and share to spread some laughs!

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