Mom Spent 2 Hrs A Day On Makeup Until Oprah’s Makeover Intervention.

When makeovers help people become more comfortable in their own natural skin, it’s a beautiful thing.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a woman named Gabrielle nominates her sister Laurie to get a makeover from Oprah. The year is 1999, so you can imagine the fashion and beauty looks that were in at the time. Gabrielle tells Oprah that Laurie, “Won’t leave the house without overly teased hair and a full face of makeup.”


Laurie is a single mom of three and wakes up two hours before her children do just to put on makeup and make her hair larger than life.


She explains that one of the reasons it takes her so long to do her makeup is because she hates her freckles and hides them under layers of foundation and powder. Her elaborate morning routine is ridiculous!

It always begins with the hiding of the freckles; Laurie pancakes her face in layer after layer of powder and foundation, before applying blush. “My skin’s very pale,” she explains.


She then goes on to apply dark brown eyeshadow all over her lids in a super heavy manner before curling her lashes. As a finishing touch, she applies a mauve brown lipstick.

When describing her heavy look, she says “I like to put a lot of everything on because when I go out I want people to know I’m wearing makeup.”

But the hair routine is where it gets really over the top. She’s been teasing her hair since high school, and its huge. The final effect is like something out of an ‘80s horror film!


So when she walks out onto Oprah’s stage with a sleek, short haircut and natural makeup, you can imagine it’s a complete shock to everyone. Laurie looks stunning, with a natural look that lets her beauty shine.

When asked how she feels, she says, “I feel great. They did a great job, everyone was wonderful.”

“You still feel like yourself too, right?” Oprah asks.


See her response in the video below. Share to inspire more natural beauty!

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