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“Luggage Angel” Helps Frazzled Travelers Find Their Lost Bags With A Simple Text.

Travel during the holidays is both fun and challenging. One of the biggest obstacles is the possibility of losing your luggage.

While that’s never fun, this past Holiday season, some travelers got a little help from a kind soul who happened to share in their struggle. 

The day after Christmas, a teacher from Tampa, Florida named Brittany Loubier-Vervisch was searching for her lost luggage in what seemed like a never ending cycle when she had an idea. Why not do more than simply searhcing for her own luggage?

“I got there (and) was like, ‘Oh my God. Like, I’ve never seen anything like this,'” Brittany said. “Just piles and piles of luggage everywhere between the carousels, multiple rows of luggage.”

While her husband was at the Southwest Airlines’ customer-service counter, Brittany continued her search, but she also decided to help others who had been separated from their luggage, too.

“I was circling through the baggage claims as stuff was coming off the line and being piled up and if there was a tag on it with a number, I sent a text,” Brittany said.

In fact, Brittany was so helpful that people thought she worked at the airport!

“I was like walking through the bags, I was like, ‘Oh, here’s your bags. Is this your name?'” Brittany explained. “And they were like, ‘Yes,’ I’m like, ‘Oh, here’s your other bags.’ And they were like, ‘Do you work here?'”

As she made her way through what she would describe as an “Armageddon of luggage,” she said she sent between 70 and 80 texts to people letting them know where to find their bags.

Taira Meadow, one traveler who received a text from Brittany, really appreciated Brittany’s kindness.

“Thank you to the random stranger who texted me that my suitcase was in fact in Tampa,” Taira wrote on Twitter. “You are a life saver! Especially since there was no way Southwest could ever tell me.”

Another person she texted even thanked her with an e-gift card to Dunkin’. Others were simply overjoyed that she reached out.

Thankfully, after the epic search, Brittany and her husband did find their own luggage!

A simple text might seem like a small gesture, but it certainly made a big difference. And Brittany was happy to do so. Some have even given her the nickname of the “Luggage Angel.”

“I mean, I’m happy to help people whenever I can,” she said. “It’s something that I put a lot of value on in my own life.”

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