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Turkish Firefighter Pulls New 4-Legged Best Friend From Earthquake Rubble.

firefighter Ali Cakas with Enkaz in Earthquake aftermath

Weeks after a series of deadly earthquakes left a wake of distruction in Syria and Turkey, rescuers continue to search for survivors amidst the wreckage.

Ali Cakas is a 33-year-old world-renouned mountain biker and coach for the Turkish national mountain bike team. He’s also a firefighter, so when the natural disaster occurred, he didn’t hesitate to answer the call. He was searching a collapsed apartment building in Nurdagi, Turkey, when he found one very tiny survivor.

Ali Cakas and other firefighters holding kitten pulled from wreckage of earthquakes in Turkey.
Instagram (This cat is not Enkaz)

The little black and white cat was clearly very happy to see his rescuers, because from then on the cat refused to leave Ali’s side! A photo of Ali wearing a bicycle helmet and goggles with the cat perched on his shoulder quickly went viral, tugging the heartstrings of animal lovers across the globe.

It seems the cat had been trapped for several days and nights before Ali rescued him, and this grateful feline wasn’t about to let his hero out of his sight!

Faced with such incredible gratitude, or “cat-ittude,” as they case may be, Ali had no choice but to adopt the animal and bring him home for good. Ali named the cat Enkaz, which means “rubble” in Turkish, which seems like a very fitting moniker for a kitty that has been through so much.

And forget a Dalmatian dog – Enkaz has now become the unofficial face of Ali’s fire department!

The cat seems to be settling into his cushy new home very nicely, and Ali frequently updates his social media pages with pictures of Enkaz enjoying treats, cuddles, and the safety and security of his very own forever home.

Ali even set Enkaz up with his own dedicated Instagram page so the kitty’s new worldwide fan base can keep up with his every move.

This is one lucky cat! Enkaz must have used up a few of his nine lives while trapped in that collapsed building, but we’re so glad Ali found him on time.

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