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Bride Moves Up Wedding So Dad Can Fulfill Dying Wish To “Walk” Her Down Aisle.

Weddings usually signify a new beginning, yet sometimes, they can provide just the sort of closure that a grieving family needs.

As Charlotte Villarin of Manila, Philippines, prepared for her big wedding day, she was also struggling with the devastating news that her father, Pedro Villarin, was dying. Pedro had been fighting liver cancer for a year, and a few months before the wedding date, it became clear that he wasn’t going to make it.

Law Tappalla

Like many women, Charlotte had always dreamed of having her father by her side as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom. It was also important to Pedro that he be there to support his daughter on her big day, so the bride and groom decided to move their wedding date up by two months so that he could be there.

Law Tappalla

On the date of their wedding, August 9th, Charlotte and her fiance, Mark Cordova, took pains to ensure that Pedro would be comfortable.

“We hired an ambulance and a private nurse,”Charlotte stated. “We thought he would be able to sit on a wheelchair, but he couldn’t take it and used the stretcher from the ambulance instead.â€

Law Tappalla

As the Villarin and Cordova families gathered in the church, Pedro was wheeled down the aisle on a stretcher, holding his daughter’s hand. We can safely assume there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they made their emotional way down the aisle together.

Law Tappalla

Photographer Law Tapalla was there that day, snapping photographs in hopes of creating the sort of lasting memories that will someday bring joy to behold. He shared the images on Facebook, writing:

“Mr. Pedro Villarin walked her daughter down the aisle like any father would have even if his current health makes this a difficult endeavor. Mark and Charlotte’s wedding was a celebration of love, not only theirs but a love that joins their families closer to each other. We have witnessed how in every difficult situations there will always be hope and happiness. We’re privileged to capture every moment of smiles and tears in this wedding.”

Law Tappalla

Just three days after the wedding day, Pedro passed away. Yet instead of lamenting what could have been, Charlotte and her family were able to hold on to the image of Pedro participating in the wedding ceremony, just as he always said he would. This moment in time provided the perfect final memory to cling to in the family’s grief.

“It was really painful,”Charlotte said, “but knowing that he left this world, fulfilling his dream, I’m happy already no matter what.â€

Law Tappalla

Sometimes the most painful moments in life are also the most beautiful. Rest in peace, Pedro.

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