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Guy Creates Video To Cheer Up Depressed Girlfriend & It’s Like Something From A Movie.

Sometimes, we all need a reminder of what’s good, and important, in life.

Jake Birdseye and Maddi (Madd) Gruber are a pair of singer/songwriters who live in Los Angeles. Jake is studying videography and helps Madd make a lot of the music videos for her original songs. The two are incredibly creative, and like a lot of creative people, Madd has periods of depression that make it hard for her.


During one such episode, Jake decided to do something to cheer her up, and being a musician and budding film director, he did what came naturally and made her a video. The video features a song called “Obligatory Folk Punk Song” by the band Panucci’s Pizza, and it features a montage of happy memories that the couple have shared over the course of their relationship.


From quiet moments when they’re just clowning around or snuggling, to quick snippets of Madd playing with a dog’s ears or making friends with a squirrel, the video is a snapshot of the love these two young people share.


Jake uploaded the finished video to Reddit along with the caption:

“My girlfriend is going through a lot of depression right now, so I did my best to make this video and show her how much she means to me.”

The response was instantaneous, earning hundreds of up-votes within its first few hours online. Commenters flooded the post with positive comments about Jake’s video and their sweet relationship.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that we all could use someone in our lives like Jake to lift us up when we’re down!


Watch the video, titled “For My Love” (omg), below.

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