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“Super Mom” Doesn’t Let Going Into Labor Stop Her From Completing The Illinois Bar Exam.

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing a determined mother can’t do.

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago’s School of Law last May, Brianna Hill had set her sights on taking the Illinois state Bar exam at the end of July.


Timing was of the essence for this future attorney because she was due to deliver her first child in October. When the exam date got pushed back due to October due to COVID-19 precautions, Brianna knew she’d be cutting it close.

On October 5th Brianna was 9 months pregnant but felt confident when she sat down to take the Bar exam. The test is currently being administered remotely, but the software includes technology that ensures no one can cheat. Normally she wouldn’t be able to get up to use the bathroom, but she’d gotten an exception since she as 38-weeks pregnant.

About 15 minutes into the test, Brianna felt her contractions begin. She was so intent on the exam that she put the contractions down to false labor, but as they grew more intense she suspected this was it. During a short break she called her husband, Cameron Andrew, and let the hospital know she’d be on her way — just as soon as the test was over.

NBC Chicago

“I was determined,” she told GMA. “Also, I’ve never been pregnant before, so I was [thinking], ‘I don’t know what this feels like.'”

Incredibly, Brianna kept taking the exam right up until she’d filled in the last answer for the day. Her husband was waiting to whisk her off to West Suburban Hospital in Oakpark, Illinois, where the proud parents welcomed son Cassius Phillip.

NBC Chicago

This is where a lesser person might have thrown in the towel, but Brianna was just getting started! The next day she spoke to hospital staff, who quickly set up a private conference room for her so she could finish day 2 of the exam.

“I woke up and they set up a spare room for me,” she said. “They put a ‘Do not enter’ sign on there.”

NBC Chicago

Brianna won’t find out if she passed the exam until December, but something tells us she nailed it!

“I’m really thankful,” said the new mom. “Life throws curve balls at you but when I have a goal, I’m going to see it through.”


Wow, talk about determination! Can you imagine being able to concentrate on complicated legalese while in labor? Forget about it! Most of us are just white-knuckling labor and delivery, but Brianna made it look easy.

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