Empty Nesters Celebrate Their New Lifestyle With Hilarious Photo Shoot.

Many parents experience sadness when their kids leave the family home to make their own way, but Dalila and Juan Perez of Texas felt the opposite emotion.

After 34 years of marriage, during which they raised four children and welcomed seven grandchildren, the two of them were ready to spend some time on their own!

The lovebirds tied the knot when they were still teenagers, so they feel like it’s finally their time to have some fun! They said goodbye to the last of their kids still living at home back in August when their youngest daughter Joy got married.

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“It’s a big milestone,” Dalila explained. “Not everyone makes it to the empty nest together. Now we feel like we ended up where we started.”

To commemorate the major life event, they decided to hire photographer Melyssa Anne to snap a series of “empty nest” photos. The pictures came out so well that they’ve since earned plenty of attention online!

Each shot features Juan and Dalila hamming it up with a series of props. They are beautifully framed and manage to capture the joy, humor, and excitement these empty nesters feel!

Dalila and Juan’s kids love the photo shoot and are extremely supportive of their parents’ new carefree lifestyle.

“They are happy for us,” Dalila added. “They want us to enjoy our marriage.”

Juan thinks the extra time they spend together will bring them closer as a couple. “We’re really getting to know each other more,” he explained. “We’re beginning to become better friends and growing our relationship even more.”

This new chapter of their lives means they can “start dating again.” Juan recently retired from the Marines, while Dalila, who was a nurse for 22 years, just completed a bachelor’s degree so she can make a career shift.

With more freedom on their hands, they plan to focus on their hobbies, take vacations together, and develop their nonprofit to feed local children.

We love a couple with a sense of humor! These parents have given so much to their family, so it’s wonderful to see them celebrating their future in such a sweet way!

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