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Breathtaking: Viral Video Shows Elk Frolicking On Oregon Beach.

Elk playing in the ocean at the beach in Oregon.

Let’s give the Oregon Coast another look without the tourists and surfboards. Recently, Kristin Ellis gave the internet a front-row seat to a different kind of beach gathering — elk, both young and old, basking in the magic of the ocean. The enchanting video, posted by Kristin, captures a local herd of elk on an Oregon beach, having descended from the misty forest hills above to experience the sea in an unprecedented manner.

elk on oregon beach

In the video, adorable baby elk frolic near the waves, chasing each other in pure bliss. The adult elk exhibit a calm demeanor, casually sniffing the salty air. It’s as if these forest dwellers were born to embrace the sand and surf. This video is a vivid tapestry of life interweaving the forest and the ocean.

Isn’t it time we relished in the simple, yet awe-inspiring acts of nature? Share this story and let everyone experience a different kind of beach day with these elk on an Oregon beach!


Yesterday on the Oregon Coast was one of the most beautiful days I have ever witnessed. A perfect send off of summer. A local herd of elk walked down from the misty forests above to play in the ocean. Magic.

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You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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