Man Risks Life & Wades Into Flooded, Collapsing Home To Save Neighbor’s Dog.

Friends come to each other’s aid in times of need, and potentially drowning in floodwaters, alone, while your house collapses around you, definitely fits that bill. The flooding occurred during an especially powerful storm in Blumenau, Brazil, earlier this week. Kira’s family was away at the time, but her neighbor, a self-described “friend to animals,” put his own safety on the back burner to bring the terrified bull terrier to safety. Douglas Gomes, Kira's neighbor, was not about to sit back and watch as his community was swept away by the storm. Knowing that Kira was trapped in her home, and with floodwaters quickly rising, he jumped into action. A friend filmed as he waded into the chest-high, dirty water, and tried to rescue the helpless pup. About 13 seconds into the rescue mission, though, a section of roof collapsed under all the rain. It was quickly becoming a deadly situation for Douglas and Kira. Miraculously, 20 seconds later, Douglas emerged from the building holding the limp and waterlogged dog in his arms. After reaching higher ground, he sets her down on the concrete and gently strokes her head, assuring her he’s got her back and she’ll be okay. Kira was so exhausted from the terrifying ordeal, that she didn't move a muscle. "Like the saying goes: Do for others as you would have them do for you," he said later. A dog owner himself, Douglas posted the video with the caption, "Animals also need help." Soon afterward, Kira was reunited with her thankful and relieved family. "We are so happy," said Fabiana Farias de Oliveira. "Thank God he was able to save Kira. Our kids sleep with her every night, and losing her would have been a disaster." Watch Douglas’s daring rescue in the clip below, and share to spread thanks that this brave man jumped into action when he did!
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