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Brave Dock Workers Plunge Into Murky Harbor Water To Save Stranded Dog.

dog rescue

There are moments in life when we have to choose between our own safety and comfort and doing what’s right. A group of Filipino dock workers recently came face-to-face with just such a moment. Thankfully, they chose to be a force for good!

It all started when they were packing up for the night and heard something splashing in the harbor water. The tired crew assumed it was a fish, so they went home for the night. Early the next morning, they arrived to hear more splashing, along with a distinct whimpering sound that could only come from a distressed dog. Sure enough, they spotted a small yellow dog perched under a massive ship, barely keep his body out of the water. With no way to escape, the workers knew they’d have to intervene!

“We saw the dog and decided to rescue him,” they explained. “We had work at that time, but he has a life he deserves to live.”

The resulting video has gone viral with millions of views!

Watch this man swim through the harbor to save a desperate animal in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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